Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the Allergan Foundation accept grant applications throughout the year?

The Foundation accepts Letters of Interest (LOI) for its Community Grant applications on an annual basis from May 1 – about May 24 each year. LOIs for Community Grants are not considered outside of that window. The Allergan Foundation will only consider one request per organization each year.

2. How does an organization submit a Letter of Interest?

The Community Grant Letter of Interest template will be available under the “Apply” tab on this website beginning May 1 and will close on May 24, 2019. We recommend that you submit your LOI as early as possible in May.

3. What is submitted in the Letter of Interest and Grant Application?

All information submitted in the LOI will flow into the application. We ask that you complete all required fields and to not substitute “See Attached” in any of the data fields. The entire available space does not need to be filled. Videos and extremely large files may not be attached.

LOI Template

Grant Application

4. How and when do we report on a grant that was received?

Community Grant recipients will be notified approximately 15 months after the receipt of funds to report on their use. Attached is the current reporting form that is used.


5. How can The Allergan Foundation be contacted if an organization has questions?

Technical questions related to the online LOI, grant application, or reporting processes should be directed to PremierSupport@foundationsource.com or 800-839-5316. Please direct all other questions not addressed on this website to allerganfoundation@allergan.com.

6. If an organization’s 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity status is pending, can the organization submit a Letter of Interest?

An organization submitting a LOI must provide and validate their EIN in the online template. Organizations that are unable to validate their EIN on the application should upload their 501(c)(3) IRS determination letter according to the instructions and may be contacted for further information. The Foundation will consider grants to fiscal sponsors of organizations that do not yet have tax exempt status. Organizations awaiting tax-exempt status will not be considered.

7. Does the Allergan Foundation donate to charities that are established outside the United States?

Only IRC Section 501(c)(3) organizations that are based in the United States can be considered for funding by the Allergan Foundation.

8. Does the Allergan Foundation have geographical grantmaking restrictions?

Yes. In recognition of the source of the Foundation’s endowment, strong priority is given to requests supporting regions where the majority of Allergan employees live and work, with a focus on Central New Jersey; Orange County, California; and Central Texas. Due to the large volume of requests received in California, priority will be given to health and human service programs in that area.

9. Does the Allergan Foundation accept requests for in-kind donations?

The Allergan Foundation does not accept requests for in-kind donations.

10. Does the Allergan Foundation fund all types of programs?

The Allergan Foundation focuses its giving on Health and Human Service (H&HS) programs. While H&HS is our primary focus, the Foundation Board carefully reviews all requests for grants that promote healthy lives and well-being for people in the communities where Allergan Employees live and work. Given that our resources are limited, our grantmaking is as diverse as the communities we serve, and we try to meet the unique needs of specific geographic areas.

11. Does the Allergan Foundation support fundraising events (e.g., luncheons/dinners, conferences, tournaments)?

The Allergan Foundation generally does not support fundraising events. Sports-related tournaments are not considered.

12. Do I need to enter the complete LOI or grant application at once, or can I fill out my request in stages over a span of time?

You may complete the LOI and Grant Application process in stages, although the session may time out if left idle for too long. If this happens, try logging back into the application or contact our tech support at: PremierSupport@foundationsource.com or 800-839-5316. Always save the application before logging off. Once you are done, press the Submit button to finish. Please note that you will not be able to make any changes to the grant request after it has been submitted.

13. Can an organization apply for a capital grant?

The Allergan Foundation generally does not fund capital campaigns.

14. Does the Allergan Foundation consider scholarship requests or make grants to individuals?

The Allergan Foundation does not make grants or scholarships to individuals. Only grants to tax-exempt charitable organizations that benefit many in the community can be made.

15. When was The Allergan Foundation established?

The Allergan Foundation was established in 1998 with a $15 million gift from Allergan, Inc. Over the years, multiple grants of millions of dollars have ensured the constancy and dependability of The Allergan Foundation’s charitable giving program. At year-end 2017, the Foundation's trust principal was $38 million. In 2017, $9.2 million was contributed to 418 organizations.