Other Funding Programs

The Allergan Foundation

Focus Grants – By Invitation only

Focus grants are considered at the discretion of the Board of Directors, targeting primarily national patient and health care-centered organizations and programs. Applications for focus grants are reviewed on an annual basis and are selected to support and enrich the mission of The Allergan Foundation.

The “We Care” Employee Grant – Ongoing

The Allergan Foundation awards funding to organizations in which U.S.-based employees of Allergan plc demonstrate a strong interest through their personal time and commitment. “We Care” Employee Grants range from $500 to $1,000 and can be requested on an annual basis by those employees actively supporting their community through regular volunteer efforts.

Allergan plc

Alliance Support

Allergan supports numerous professional, patient, caregiver, consumer and policy organizations that share our goal of advancing healthcare for all. Allergan strives to support programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life of patients. Consistent with this mission, Allergan provides funding to support programs for the healthcare community where the programs relate to the therapies, disease states, or other public health topics in therapeutic categories in which Allergan participates through its products and research. Allergan also provides funding to support patient and caregiver education programs and other types of important healthcare initiatives to enhance treatment and care.

Independent Medical Education

Allergan recognizes the importance of independent medical education programs that enhance the level of patient care in the United States. As such, Allergan funds educational activities through its extensive unrestricted educational grant program to foster increased understanding of scientific, clinical, or health care issues. We seek to provide an efficient and effective grant review process to help facilitate grant requests for quality independent education.

Information on Alliance Support and Independent Medical Education funding can be found at https://allergan.envisionpharma.com/vt_allergan_me